Floor Plan Labelling & Wall tool Visual

What is the best way of labelling within plusspec/sketchup. In relation drawing to printing out a floor plan with clear labels (for rooms i.e bath etc). When drawing double brick anti clock wise there is no visual aid to show the you are essentially drawing inside out. Is it feasible to have on of the lines with a different colour to visually show the outside wall in double brick?

Hi, Thanks for your Feedback!

When drawing a wall it is best practice to draw clockwise, if this isn’t your preference you can press the insert button and it will swap the wall around.

Currently - the only way to tell which side the exterior finish is on is the small black border around this wall - However, i do think that it’s good feedback to have this as a different colour for ease of use and will include it in our suggestions for new releases!

Regarding the labels - Inside Sketchup there are already two options for this

One is the Text Tool ()

The next is the 3D Text Tool ()

Alternatively you could use Layout (Part of Sketchup Pro ) - We are also looking at including possible labeling tools in future releases.

Thanks again for your feedback, please feel free to post your experiences / feedback again!