Floor Joist Tool - Floor Blocking

On the floor joist tool it would be great to have the option to add center blocking per spacing ie: every 8’-0’ or 4’-0" or whatever.

Also option to add 2x4 flat blocking at floor sheathing joints.

End and center blocking is shown on the Icon, however it only populates the end blocking in the drawing.

Hi ConT, it is easy to add blocking/bridging wherever you like if you are using PlusSpecs PlusDesignBuild or PlusArchitect. However, in many cases, there may be several rows of blocking, so we decided to make an easy-to-use tool that enables you to put it wherever you like.

  1. Open the floor joist tool inside Sketchup and draw floor joists ( to test: it’s easier to deselect the “Include floor” check box or turn the “17_FLOORING” Tag/layer off )
  2. Click on “Draw” next to the Draw Blocking heading
  3. You’ll notice a secondary dialog called Joist Blocking Tool. Here, you can set your joist spacing and blocking size. (Note: you can create a material that is 4x2 or 2x4 in the material creator tool. This way, you can lay it flat under your sheeting joins
  4. Left-click in the model space to start drawing blocking in your desired location. Left-click where you would like your blocking to stop.
    Adding blocking bridging to joists in Plusspec PlusDesignBuild PlusArchitect BIM Plugin  for Sketchup.jpg