fibre cement sheet cladding

Hi guys,
I’m using Scyon Matrix 1780x890 cladding, how do I create this as a material or surface? You have a fibre cement but not in sheet sizes with a 10mm gap. I would love you to direct me to a tutorial to make something like this please as I’m a little stuck.
Cheers Sam

Hi Sam,

I have had a look for you and they don’t have any textures on there site. I couldn’t find any online either. If you have found a texture of theres send it to me and I will show you. If you do not have a texture you should be able to contact them and ask them to send there textures to you.

Here is a tutorial on how to do create your own materials. - Go to the tutorial called ‘Custom Walls’

If you are using MAC the last part has to be done different. You will notice he has his internet browser and SketchUp model open. In MAC this is not possible. Instead of dragging the material in like he does, You must go into SketchUp and select PlusSpecs ‘SYNC’ Button. This will download your material.

Kind Regards