Exterior Wall Modification

I’m a new user and have a couple of questions:

  1. I’m trying to enter the existing conditions of a building built in 1972. The exterior wall is composed of a standard brick (1 wythe, 3 5/8" thick), no air space, vapor barrier, and 4"x8"x8" cmu block, and finally 1/2" gyp board interior finish. When I open the wall tool, I tried using the double brick option and changing the interior wythe to a block, but that doesn’t seem to work. I’ve looked on YouTube for a guide video to modify walls like this, but just don’t see anything particular to my situation. I’ve attached the hand drawn wall section from the original construction drawing set.

  2. I’m working in Imperial and find that my component door option information comes up in metric. Is there a way to set Imperial Units as the standard for everything?

Many thanks
Existing Wall Section1.jpg


I have the answers to your questions.

  1. Ok follow the instructions below.
    1.1) Open the wall tool and select double brick.
    1.2) Scroll down to materials and select your brick. If the brick you want to use is not there than click create material. If you do click create material than create your material and once done click SYNC and your material will appear into your library.
    1.3) Now go down to your internal leaf where you will have the option to select from bricks. You are not using a brick so you have to go and create your block material. Click create material and follow the steps. Once material is created, run a SYNC again to gain access to your material.
    1.4) Select your newly created block material and now go down to ‘Manual Overrides’
    1.5) Set the cavity to 0
    1.6) Click submit and draw your walls.

  2. Currently certain parts of our components cannot be changed but in the next few coming releases of PlusSpec 2016 this will change and you will have the ability to set it all to Imperial units.

Kind Regards

Thanks Dean - I will give it a shot.

Let me know how you go with this.

Kind Regards

Hi, How did you end up going with this? We would like to hear your feedback.