Exporting a PlusSpec File to Construction Plans

Hi Guys,

I have received yet another great question from the PlusSpec 2016 Webcast.

How do you take the model to then a set of plans?

The answer to your question is by exporting/sending your model to Layout. Layout is a Program created by SketchUp that allows you to create documentation plans in either 2D or 3D.

To get access to Layout you must be a purchased user of SketchUp Pro or have the Trial version of SketchUp Pro.

To learn how to send your SketchUp file to Layout see below.

  1. Save your model.

  2. Go to File - Send To Layout. See Image Below.

Send To Layout.jpg

  1. This will open Layout and your model.

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dont forget to push this button :scene-gen: before sending to Layout or exporting to DWG.
Creating scenes creates your elevations and plans whilst organising layers and styles.
You can dimension and annotate in Sketchup yet Layout is the best place to do it.

If you want to leverage the best out of Sketchup and PlusSpec you should take a little time to explore and use the exporting to Layout option then using Layout to produce your working drawings. It really is a seamless method and Layout offers complete flexibility in how you present your drawings. One of the big advantages is the fact that if you alter yoru Sketchup model those changes are reflected instantly in your working drawings, no need to re-export or re-import.