Exporting a material list

How do I export a material list for material such as Eaves or fix out?
I have found a way for framing using the “Export Take off” feature
Frame export.png

However when I go to the same area in take off tool I don’t have this option

What option are available?

Hi Scott the export in your photos is a frame takeoff BOQ export. This is for your framing order and cut lists.

  1. Click Takeoff/Quantity/BOQ :takeoff: in teh PlusDesignBuild Toolbar
  2. Click Export Takeoff
  3. Here, you can export multiple types of takeoff data to Excel via a CSV File.
    How to export a BOQ to excel or CSV in PlusSpecs PlusDesignBuild .jpg

Scott, you should try them all just so you know what can be exported, However in your case where you only want quantities for eave, I would select the geometry (use Shift to select multiple groups) in the Sketchup model and then right-click and select “+Takeoff >Selection only” as this will make the information more manageable.

If you want to create purchase orders for supplier Eg Bunnings and subbies Eg Eave Carpenter

  1. Click Takeoff :takeoff:
  2. Click on the “Roofing” Tab in the BOQ
  3. Click 21_EAVES and then click Edit See more
  4. In this section of BOQ you can change the name of the eave sheets A) if required Eg 1800x600x4.5. BYou can also change the number of Items per square metre EG: a 1.8x0.6 eave sheet =1.08m2 and a 2.4x.6 =1.44m2 per sheet, so add the number of square metres per item and C a price per sheet so your purchase order is correct and ready to send to the supplier.
  5. Associate a supplier with your product on the right-hand side of the item. NOTE: you can import your own suppliers via CSV from Buildertrend or you can import suppliers and cost codes directly from Xero
  6. I recommend associating a cost code to your item as it makes it easier to sort information when doing a takeoff by Cost code or when exporting to a csv for other estimating programs or project management programs. NOTE you can also import cost codes via CSV
    7 You can also associate hardware items & suppliers to your material takeoff via Recipes. Iin this case, eave sheets EG: joiner strips per sheet or FC soft sheet nails per sheet or square measure
  7. You can associate labour tasks and subcontractors to a BOQ item as well. In this case, a Carpenter to install eave sheets, you can add a rate per sqm or a rate per sheet and a cost code. TIP: Click “LINK ITEM” and click on the material you want to link with (It could be square, lineal or an “each” item) to associate the task with a quantity and reber to Hit the save button when finished.
  8. To create your purchase order/s Click “Generate Reports” at the top right-hand side Note these can be saved, edited and sent to Xero or exported to CSV
    Create a purchase order from a BOQ in PlusDesignBuild BIM Plugin for Sketchup.jpg
    Associate recipes and labour with qunatities in PlusDesignBuild BIM estimating plugin for Sketchup.jpg

When I create a frame order list I notice that each plate material list has two quantities. Line 1 = tally’s, and line 2 = a L/M. What is the separation of them? The tally’s does not add up to the L/M so not sure what it’s for.

Frame order.png

Second question, Am I able to change how/what is exported (Different report I know)? Example - I only wanted a take off for fix out material such as doors arc/skirt ect.
I guess what I am trying to do is export a job file, then be able to automate in excel this be separated into category’s such at fitout or cladding and arranged in a format to present to client.