Looking for members using the estimating tools who would like to share tips and tricks from there experience so far, we are very keen to convert over from our traditional estimating software and start using PlusSpec as a total workflow solution from design to purchase orders. We have been PlusSpec users since the first release. Would be great to get a thread cracking along where we can share ideas

May want to start this in PlusSpec 17 as it has a lot of cool estimating functionality like import csv, import suppliers. I personally add my prices to the products and construction types I use every day, I have a bunnings account which gives me prices through a portal and i add them to PlusSpec. When I do a take off I then export to Excel (CSV)I copy and past that sheet into a template that segregates into purchase orders and labour costs. In some versions of Quickbooks, MYOB and Xero you can import CSV. once you set up your excel template everything else can pretty much be automated except for import CSV. You may also like to know that we are also adding the functionality to add in in Master format, NatSpec, and others, you can associate your own custom classification system as well and also add dates etc