Estimating Existing And Non-Existing Structures

Hi All,

I am currently designing an extension and want to estimate quantities of materials I will need for the job.
I only want to estimate the extension part of the project and I just wanted to know if I’m able to do so or what I have to do to be able to do this?


Hi Will yes it is very easy to do. Basically select existing in the wall properties, and draw the wall or if you have already drawn the wall simply select the wall and click on existing. The estimate will no longer calculate existing quantities.

And Andrew I would assume that you can show the various areas in different colors if needed. Like the existing in gray, the new in green and areas to be demolished in red.


Hey Elibjr,

In the model when existing is clicked on, it is indicated with red outlines and new structure is blue.

Hi Will it is very easy to distinguish new from old after or before you design. If you make a mistake or add a wall in the wrong category you can quickly re define in the menu. The software will create the wall as new or existing depending on which you choose.
You will notice the check box in the wall tool labelled existing. Simply tick the box and the items will not be quantified. There are improvements coming to this function soon.
I hope that helps.

The plugin looks great from the video. I hope I will be approved as a beta tester so I can see more.
I am the inventor of a patented method US7747469 & have a running Parametric Price Compare MarketPlace and am looking for BIM SketchUP plugin that allows adding & or updating objects with iFC attributes and that does Quantity Take Off-(QTO) into a summary and a detail spreadsheet or XML that I can import into my Parametric Price Compare so a prospect can get real time quotes from vendors/subs/manufactures. I have found other plugin that have QTO but limited to Volumes & pieces but lacking sizes of windows/doors etc.