Estimate Tool - Excel Output

Is there a way to add information to wall framing/bracing materials so it follows through into the Excel/CSV material quantity export?
Ideal scenario would be to add location tag (North/South/East/West/Floor Level/Roof/etc) allowing a sort in Excel to group materials.

Regarding the Excel quantities output, how can I set PlusSpec to export clean numbers (Only numbers in a cell - without sqft,lnft,etc) into Excel?
Such an output from PlusSpec will allow instant data processing using Excel templates.

Thanks for the information.

Hi Steve01,

Thank you for you post and my apologies in the delay in the response to your enquiry.

To add the additional information, what I would recommend to do is to create all the additional info as a component then use the BIM Tool to add the estimating and location info. Please note that the location info will appear in the Notes field/column.

For any items/objects that would need to be used over and over again in different models, what I would further recommend to do is to create these objects in a separate SketchUp model, BIM them then save them somewhere on you computer. This will allow you to then drag and drop the items/objects into any model you need them and you won’t need to add the estimating info to them again.

At the moment you will need to manually split the units from the values but in the next update (which will be early next year) this issue will be solved when exporting the takeoff.

Would you be able to please let me know if these work for you?

The best way to reuse your bracing is to save it to a folder in components in Sketchup, I did a video on how to do this with wall types and the same method could/should be used, you could even include the bracing in the individual wall types in the created component and delete it if you do not need it. First, do as Grant mentioned above, here is the link

This will allow you to add tension, sheet bracing at the right height/slope and size according to the stud spacing.
TIP: Make sure you BIM :bim-tool: it and add a layer so it appears in your Bill Of Quantities/takeoff (BOQ) you can then export to excel and import into Xero or Buildertrend or whichever software you use to coordinate your projects and finances. We have a lot of users who are doing this and from all accounts, it is reducing error and improving efficiency. …and that’s what it’s all about. :sunglasses: