I would like to know how you can send a concept created to Clients without them being able to edit (as a view only file)
Even possibly so that they cannot print it to give to other Builders!!!
Thanks in advance


The best way to do this is to get your clients to install SketchUp Viewer. Your clients can use the SketchUp Viewer to review designs that you send via email or upload to a shared location on the internet.

Because it does not include tools for editing models, the SketchUp Viewer is much easier to use for people who are unfamiliar with SketchUp. Models viewed with the SketchUp Viewer are also protected from unintentional alteration, ensuring that your audience sees exactly what you intend for them to see. Unfortunately it allows the client to print your models. You can add a water mark to the model with your name, business name or logo that cannot be removed using SketchUp Viewer.

Hopefully I was able to answer your question.

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The SketchUp Viewer can be downloaded through the link below, it also has more information on the link.

Link -