Editing walls and roofs

Hi Plusspec team,

Thank you for developing such a handy software. I’ve found it very helpful and a time-saver in my design and detailing process, especially when ‘real life’ construction materials and products can be easily just drawn or dropped into the model via the Rubysketch website.

I just had a question in regards to editing wall and roof sizes.

If I wanted to edit a drawn wall, can I just push and pull instead of manually entering the wall heights and thickness? Similarly, if I rotate the angle of a drawn roof using the sketchup rotate tool (instead of entering it in), will that be read by the software as a change?

Hi was Sandra, Editing can be done in many ways, I suggest getting the latest version which you can download using your log in details. The split wall tool on the right click menu is fantastic. I short there are no rules you are in Sketchup if you choose to break into a wall and explode it you can the estimation tool should stil work it just you will lose the parametric functionality.
What I like about Plusspec is you still getthe freedom of Sketchup yet the power of parametrics. 99.9%of walls are standard so Plusspec will organize them in layers and scenes for you which makes it easier to organize the rest of your model to suit. I hope that makes sense. …