dwg project 3D model

Attached is a dwg of a project I have. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jtL61JRz4fRWBvt59wRlmLjJT981-wJX/view?usp=sharing)
I am hired to make a 3D model of the house. I want to use Plusspec so I can frame the house for the builder. Almost every wall is curved… How will Plusspec handle this… can it be framed?

When I make scenes or just random, my door and or windows lentels will show up. We do not use brick much at all at the Oregon Coast. So I have to edit each window and door to get the lentels to disappear. My sliding glass doors have a upper light show up… need to edit them also. The exterior front doors do not have a common option without side lights. What am I doing wrong?

So sorry, I can not edit the siding either.


Hi Jack, I traced one section of you DWG. As a carpenter I would notch the bottom plates so I could bend them to teh curve on wood frames. In the drawing below, I clicked every 6 inches or so. This way, it placed studs for the drywall or Plasterboard to be fixed and glued to. I you are using PlusDeisgnBuidl I would change the junction type in the advanced framing option to default or California corner. You acce this by right clicking a wall and going to +walls> ADV framing options
Curved framed walls in PlusSpec.jpg

What wall type are you using? Lintels will be on by default in masonry walls, yet you can force them on or off if you tick the “Exclude Lintel” tick box Lintel in PlusSpec showing up in windows when not required.jpg
or turn Layer/Tag off see attached GIF
Curved framed walls in PlusSpec.jpg

There are a lot of options with doors and windows, including high lights and side lights. I suggest you slow down and hover over the orange tabs next to the selections.
To start again, I recommend you do the following

  1. Click Extensions in SketchUp
  2. Click PlusSpec
  3. Click Restore Factory Default
    Curved framed walls in PlusSpec.jpg

To be honest jack it seems like you would really benefit from training.
reset PlusSpec to factory default.jpg
Brick Lintels turnoff in PlusSpec.gif