drawing houses

I am new to this and I find if I am drawing a hip roof ever second attempt I get a box flash up saying bugsplat found and lose the drawing, any help is good…

Hey Paul,

Sorry it’s crashing for you!

Can you post what settings you are using when you draw the roof, what version of SketchUp you are using and also any particular file that can demonstrate it?
Also, by “second attempt” do you mean you are re-drawing a new roof or editing an existing one?

You can also try the latest beta version to see if it corrects your issue.

If you can even take screen shots that would also be handy.


Paul we have come across this a couple of times and we have now created a new roof tool that will allow you to work more intuitively. It should be in the next update,.
I did not find that the roof tool was crashing when drawing yet I did get a couple of crashes when changing the pitch of an existing roof. If it helps attach the model and I will have a look at it for you.