Doors and Windows to big for frame opening

Hi, fairly new at PDB. I am trying to install doors and windows but am finding the the frame on doors are ending up inside the jack stud, and the same with windows but it is the reveal ending up in the jack stud. It is like the frame opening is not being made big enough.

I have moved the window and door out from the frame to show what is happening.
window issue (1).png

door issue (1).png

I have been getting this warning pop up every time I try to add a window or door.

Help would be appreciated, thanks

Hi Lachlan,

Thank you for your post.

The gap around the window is the opening buffer which can be set in the Timbers section of the Wall Tool. If you set the two fields to 0mm then it should give you the desired result.

The warning pop-up is a SketchUp notification that appears when the geometry affected by the change is hidden (normally vis tags/layers). There is nothing to worry about when it appears but if you don’t want to see it then I’d recommend being on either the All, Struct Off or Roof Off scene (if scenes have been generated via the Scene Tool) OR using the See All Tool before placing windows & doors.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Lauchlan.
This image shows how to change the window and door openings
How to change the stud frame opening size or rough stud opening for windows and doors.jpg
Hi Lauchlan.
Here is how to change the window and door openings