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I am an architect in California and our firm is currently evaluating CAD softwares to transition into in order to improve efficiency.

My co-worker and I really enjoy using SketchUp to build quick models to study unique conditions of a project, and I am really happy to see your company is taking SketchUp to the next level.

Question: Will PlusSpec be able to generate interactive door, window, finishes schedules?

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Hey arky09,

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To answer your question in short, Yes. You can generate a full take off from your projects with type, finish & quantity of your materials and more…

For further information about our software capabilities check out the following links and as always if you have further queries let us know.



Yes PlusSpec already will give you a window schedule including colour, window style, Glass type and sizes…
You can copy and paste straight into layout or have it in a schedule. With one click.
There is a lot more to PlusSpec than the video shows.

I guess the other question is, will we in the US be able to use some of the local manufactures products in the models. I know that Rubysketch has a lot of manufacturers in its listing but I know that standard sizes and detail will vary from country to country. For example, I tend to like using the Anderson window plugin for some of the residential windows, but can I use those components I create there within your program too? And how does PlusSpec integrate with layout? Are we finally able to make changes in layout or the Plusspec package and see that change reflected in the original sketchup model now? Before if you wanted to change the “drawing” in layout, you would have to change the Sketchup model and re-import it into layout. Now looking at the website, I will download the 8hr trial and give it a go and see how far it takes me.


  1. Every country will have a tailor made version of the software with their specific brands and materials. So US for example will have US products or representative of in the short term.
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Anderson plugin a 2D plugin? PlusSpec is a 3D tool and has dynamic built-in object and windows are parametric, feel free to send our information on to the window supplier or put us in contact with them? Also any products you use or prefer just send us the manufacturer’s name, details or website and we’ll get in contact with them.
  3. As far as layout goes, during beta testing we’ve had companies using layout and plusspec as their only tool for technical drawings throughout their project and they were pretty happy with the results. We provide a template to use with the software to make it easy to do 2D drawings. The new layout allows for better hatching and better drawing capability as well.

Thanks Ari

Hi Elijah,

You definitely need to download Sketchup Pro 2014 and re-look at Layout. There are vast improvements - and the integration between Sketchup (and PlussSpec) and layout is great. There are many video tutorials available that demonstrate the capabilities of layout.


Hey guys just so you know we will be in San Diego on the 27th at PCBC, so call by and say G’day, we’ve some cool things to show you ad you can ask as many questions as you need.
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