door tool not working consistently

I have inserted a door, which looks good, but on the adjacent wall, I want to insert 2 x identical doors, but they don’t show properly. looking from the inside, the house, the doors are apparent, but from the outside, only a single line appears.
See images below-
1/ inside view, looking at doors
2/ external view.


Sorry, How can I insert pictures in this post?

thanks in advance for help

Hi Ian,

This is unheard of. From your last post I think you have an old update of PlusSpec so try update your software.

To insert pictures select “upload attachment” which is situated below. Then select a file from your computer using “choose file”.
Once this is done you can then go ahead and select “add the file” and then “place in line”

Please send over those images and I will be able to help you with more indepth information.

Kind Regards

Updated plusspec fixed door tool issue

That is good to hear IanWW. We hope that you are enjoying PlusSpec!