Door openings

I have already posted several times today so while I am on a roll …
Am I correct in this?
Plans always show a nominated door size (say 820mm) but an 820mm door requires a wall opening of 880mm (720 door requires 780 opening, etc). So when entering the door in Plus Spec you have to remember to add 60mm to the nominated the door size. Also while some cavity sliders open fully (if the door grab is on the front edge of the door), while others open to approx. 80mm from the door end if the the handle is on the side of the door.

I have built many retirement villages as well as disabled units and door openings are critical in these buildings.

It would be great and less confusing if we could nominate the doors sizes as per plan and Plus Spec altered the frames openings to allow for the nominated door openings.

Is this possible?

Hi Guy,

Thank you for your post.

At the moment, when inserting windows and doors, the width of the window or door you input is from the outside of reveal to outside of reveal (doesn’t include buffer/gap around window or door) so if you want an 820mm door you will need to enter 860mm (2x20mm for the reveal/jamb thickness) and the buffer/gap (10mm either side) between the reveal/jamb will be added in automatically.

We are looking at updating or adding functionality on inserting windows and doors but it hasn’t been confirmed when this will be added, however I believe it will be in the not too distant future.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?