Door jamb within wall frame

Hi there,

When placing doors into walls the door jamb is aligning within the stud frame. Is there a way to insert doors so that door jamb is inside of door opening in stud frame?
Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 10.08.50 am.png

When you draw your wall, you have the option to set a stud frame opening or “frame buffer” You can also change these after you have drawn a wall by selecting the wall (or walls) and editing.
Here is how to set your frame-opening buffer

  1. Click the :wall-tool: wall tool icon
  2. Scroll down and click the “framing” drop-down
  3. Scroll down to Frame buffer other and Tyle in the distance you want your frame opening sizes to be
  4. Click submit and draw your wall

I also noticed you are using 240x45 LVL for wall frames, and the wall frame is none structural (It does not have a head over)? If you want a lintel over your frame, l, and you want to add load-bearing studs, you should choose the structural wall by clicking the drop-down next to “load-bearing wall” (above step 2) in the image above.
What are you designing with such large frames, Brendan?