I’m a new user so it could be something I’ve done…

I insert a door as per usual but the opened door itself is offset from the frame by around 140mm (along the wall).
When I ‘close’ the door it sits in the ‘closed’ position but once again around 140mm from the frame (in the middle of the room so to speak).

There are a few little bugs that are annoying but these maybe as I’m a new user.



What version of PlusSpec are you currently using?

If you try draw the same door with the same dimensions and materials in another SketchUp file does this still happen? If not it is a SketchUp issue and that there has just been a problem with the dynamic components. You can try draw the door again and the problem should disappear.

What door type and dimensions are you using to draw this door?

Kind Regards

Hi Dean,

It’s the latest version of PlusSpec.
Just updated a few minutes ago.

Added door again but happens again. Same in another Sketchup drawing too, not just this particular one.

The door is the external glass. 2100 x 860.

I will redraw the double brick wall into this Sketchup drawing and see if that fixes it.

Also I have an issue when I want to, for example, change colour of window frame or the architrave in the ‘window’s options’, the iMac pinwheel spins and doesn’t update the window.
The window options box is also different to the door one!
I need to ‘Force Quit’ Sketchup to keep going otherwise it’ll spin for a hours…
Could it be my iMac? I highly doubt that as the door options update ok. Apart from the door issue noted above obviously…

I’ve followed the tutorials and watched them numerous times to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

Can’t say I’m overly happy with the Scene options either. More trouble than they’re worth really (they seem to slightly change the image position if you update a scene. You then need to realign the Sketchup image within Layout) but I’ll persist and see if it’s just me (or change who know’s what in Sketchup’s Scene Manager…)

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

In the next update of PlusSpec the bugs will be fixed. It wasn’t something that you have missed it was just a small bug in the PlusSpec doors.
The next update the door bug will be fixed.

When you update a scene all the layers and scene image position will be saved. Not so far away you will really learn how to use them effectively and understand them completely :slight_smile:

Kind Regards