Does inferencing stay?

I’m getting the first window in the right place but making a copy ends up with the copy out of line. The inferencing turns off and the copy is either too low or two high. Is there a way to keep Sketchup’s inferencing working while placing the copy?

Wait, its the home key isn’t it?

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your post.

To make a copy of a window or door please follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Redefine Window/Door Tool.
  2. Hover over the original window and left-click to select it.
  3. Press the Home key (on Windows) or Fn+left arrow keys (on Mac) to initiate the copy move, then left-click somewhere on the wall (not on the window/door itself).
  4. Press the Ctrl key (on Windows) or Command key (on Mac) and a yellow outline reference of the window or door, then left-click somewhere along the wall to confirm the copy move. To lock the direction of the copy, move the cursor outside of the wall in the direction you want to copy it, then once the inference line changes colour hold the SHIFT key and left-click on the wall where you want to move it to (Please note that this process doesn’t work if you need to enter a measurement/distance).
  5. If the window doesn’t have any colours applied, select the Edit Window/Door Tool and once the dialog appears click the ‘Submit’ button and the window/door will update.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

Most of that is working now Grant, I can move a window and lock the direction.
To repaint the window did you mean the Window Redefine Tool? That doesn’t open a dialog.

Now do you have a similar procedure for copying to a specific distance?

BTW is all this documented somewhere?

Hi Arnold,

To reapply the materials use the Edit Window Tool :opening-options: or Edit Door Tool :door-options-tool: and select the window/door to edit and it will bring up two dialogs (one of the dialogs might appear behind the other).

The way to copy a window/door a specific distance is the same as the steps above but instead of holding the SHIFT key just move the cursor along the direction you want to copy the window/door (the line should change to one of the axis colours), then let go of the mouse (be careful not to bump it) and enter a measurement as you normally would and the window/door will copy move. This is the same process you would use when using the SketchUp Line Tool as you’re not able to hold SHIFT and enter a measurement either.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

Thanks Grant, now I can place them where I want them and move/copy.

To all,

I would just like to make a clarification: It is the OPTION key, not the COMMAND key to make copies. At least that’s how it worked for me…


Is it possible to array copies at all? I have tried the standard SU commands for arraying (x3, 3x, or *3) after inputting distance for a copy? Use could be for say 3 x 24" wide casement windows in a 6’ rough opening. Maybe this wouldn’t be a good way to accomplish this in PS, since each window generates it’s own framing.