Where can I learn how to customize materials for example brick walls? I’m Dutch so I selected the UK library. I need to make several walls:

  • single brick wall 100mm
  • single brick wall 110mm
  • double brick wall with isolation 100-170-100mm etc.

Does every material need a texture?
I have textures myself but can’t find how to use them within the Plusspec material editor.
It says drag and drop, but it doesn’t work 9apps.

Can anyone help?


Hi MaxP00,

Thank you for your post.

Here’s a link with will take you to a bunch of tutorial videos regarding creating materials.

Yes, every material requires a texture image for the material to be created. These texture images need to be a useable image type inside of SketchUp, which we normally recommend to be JPG or PNG file types.

The drag-and-drop feature only works for Windows computers, however, using the Sync Tool (located in the PlusSpec main toolbar) after the material has been created will work regardless on the computer platform you’re using.

Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issues you’re having?