Dincel Wall

I have just downloaded the latest? version and don’t seem to be able to find the Dincel tool that I thought should be available in PusSpec 2016+.

Hi hamishhcs,

There appears there was a small issue with the installation which we have fixed in the latest version. If you go to our website and download and reinstall the software you should find the Dincel Wall Tool with the Wall Tools.

Dincel Wall Tool.jpg

That’s great thanks Grant. Works perfectly now. When are you looking to add the 150mm Dincel wall to the 110 and 200?
Also I seem to be unable to ad doors / windows to the Dincel walls - the system doesn’t recognise the Dincel wall as a wall even after selected and highlighted
Cheers. Hamish

Hi hamishhcs,

I’m not sure when this will get added but I will pass it onto the development team.

If you want to add a window or door to a Dincel wall you have to add it to the concrete wall. To do this turn off the ‘21_DINCEL’ layer in the Layer Manager then you can add a window or door as you normally would for walls.