Dimensioning heights as RLs

Hi all,

I would love to be able to annotate the correct RLs of floor levels and roof ridges without having to do manual calculations. I have been caught out by manual calcs before so I’m trying to automate the process. Is there a PlusSpec, Layout or Sketchup function to assign the base coordinate of 0,0,0 to a datum or RLs given by a survey? It would be useful to have the option for dimension tool in Layout to measure distance from point to point or measure height from datum.

I am trying out TIG’s ‘Height from Datum’ plugin. Not sure yet how it will translate to Layout. https://sketchucation.com/plugin/1922-heighttool_datum



Hi Fahimah,

Thank you for your post.

I’m not aware of any feature or extension available inside of SketchUp that does what you’re after. However, we may have a feature coming in one of the next couple of releases that’ll help do what you’re after in regards to RL’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more info on this at the moment.