Dimension Units

First, let me make it known that I think Imperial measurements are the worst, and fractions are the most impractical way to do math.

Second, I have to live in a world of Imperial measurements and fractions on all jobs, because 'Murica.

I love that I can choose ft as the auto dimension function for the layout tool, but it would be incredibly helpful if the format changed from decimal to architectural when Dimension unit selected is either ft or in.

Perhaps there is already a way to achieve this, I just cannot find it.

HI jtays,

Thank you for your post.

There currently isn’t an option for fractional dimensions but I’ve taken it back to the dev team for further discussion. Thank you for the suggestion.

In the mean time, I would recommend still using the imperial dimensions but change them to fractional when you open the file in Layout. To save you some time, you should be able to select all the dimensions on the page & then change them all at once.