Digital Plans

Is there a way to send a 3d model/plan to the field with dimensions? For instance I would love to use the 3d model viewer to send plans to the field to use via Ipad or something similar. Most trades can do without a full set of plans, curious if and how this may work using plusspec.

Hi codyb22,

Currently the 3D Model Viewer doesn’t display any dimensions as it’s primarily a visualisation tool. Please note that the 3D Model Viewer doesn’t natively work on iPhones & iPads (is should work for all other devices), but there may be apps out there that can do this.

However if you’d like to do the system you mentioned, than I would recommend the guys in the field have SketchUp on their device so that you can dimension the SketchUp model & send it to them. Setting up scenes will also help isolate where you’d like them to look.