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We are a 5 person Architecture firm in Arkansas, USA, and happy new owners of some PlusDesignBuild licenses. We are just starting to learn the software, and have noticed that the dialogue boxes - wall tool, beams, etc. - don’t close automatically once we click “submit”. It appears they close automatically in the tutorials we’ve watched. This is true at all of our stations, so I’m wondering if we’re missing a setting, and some key stroke we can’t see on the videos.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

Hi Rico, welcome, it was good talking with you the other day.
Rico some dialogs close after clicking submit because that particular tool is generally a one-time use tool. Tools like the beam tool, joist tool and wall tool stay open so you can draw multiple items continually.

This was an update we did as we had multiple user requests. It turned out that it took one click to close a tool but in some cases 3 clicks to open so we changed the way the program worked as it helped users get more done in less time with fewer clicks.

My top tips for new users are:

  1. Click inside the drawing window and click Escape and Spacebar before entering a new tool.
  2. Always use Keyboard shortcuts… To see my shortcuts search on this forum for: “KeyBoard Shortcuts in Sketchup, PlusSpec and PlusDesignBuild” or make your own.
  3. Use Scene tool :scene-gen: early I sue I as soon as I have defined the rough extent of a project and this could be done simply by using the grid tool :grid-tool:
    a if your project expands or you want to re-centre the project simply go back to the scene tool, select the drop-down and delete all scenes and then recreate scenes,

We will be updating the tutorials over the coming months as some of the tools have changed slightly but also Sketchup 23 has different icons.
Rico feel free to comment on the YouTube video as I pay staff to monitor these comments.

I look forward to seeing some of your PlusSpec designs.

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Thanks, Andrew…great tips! Looking forward to seeing the new tutorials…

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