Developments for the European markets.

Hello Team Plusspec,

I meet several partners, French, Swiss and Belgian architects, who use sketchup and who would be interested to use + spec.
We ask a lot of questions about the capabilities of + spec to build with European techniques.
Many of us hesitate to buy.

The software is developed with Australian, American building techniques.
We understand this orientation but it does not meet the needs of Europeans.
In Europe the techniques and manufacturers are totally different from those you use in Australia and North America. And it seems impossible to us to convince them to integrate more in a short time.

We have noted the development of parametrics tools and the possibility of creating its own textures, which are real progress. (Thanks for the latest webinar on this).
These advances revive the interest of acquiring + spec for the europeans.

What are the next developments for the European market?
How soon?

We are in a hurry because we believe in your software.

Other suggestions:

  • For all users: Do you intend to develop a shared library of walls, slabs, covers etc. that users could share? This would prevent everyone from drawing the same thing as his neighbor and would save time.

  • Do you intend to develop parametric roofing tool?
    We only see frames in American farmhouses.
    It lacks the traditional timber framing, and the laminated wooden structures, essential in Europe

  • Also, do you think develop a metal construction tool?

Here an example of a very common element in europe of insulation of walls from the inside:
Would it be possible to create the interior wall with a metal rail structure and not wood for a plasterboard support? (Eg manufacturer Saint gobain - … s/Profiles) or use of rails metallic generic? (Upright, sleepers, suspended ceiling)

  • Do you plan to create webinars for Europeans?
    It would be interesting to archive the videos of the webinar (youtube or website + spec)

We ask you a lot because we believe in you.

We are at your disposal for any questions on construction techniques and the development of + spec on the European market.

thank you.

Hi Laurent,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please contact me at:

I look forward to talking with you about your questions.

Hello PlusSpec Team!
I am searching for german +spec users to discus about the posibilities to fit the system for german timberwork.
I tested +spect 2 years ago for one month, but i am not able to create what i want must have to. Since that time i am creating my projekts with SU and Layout only, without PS-Tools and in most things i am glad about that. But in future i want to have the posibility to plan with parametric-tools with the posibility to use BIM-functionality.
But i fear that my english is not good enough to discus the problems i have with englich speaking People.
Now i am in a Little disaster because i don’t know the way how we may come together.
I hope you understand what i mean.
thank you and have a nice day!