Decking Boards Not Pointing In Correct Direction

Hi Guys,

Over the past few weeks we have had a few people ask and question why a material won’t point in the right direction specifically the decking boards when using the joist tool :floor-joist-tool: .

In this post I will explain to you why and how to manually change this until a fix is issued. Joists and studs are for quotation purposes more so than visual and so this may not be a major problem but is worth taking a look at.

The decking boards are created from a material. You will notice that when you select the material (shown below) that the little image shows the boards running horizontally. This means that no matter which way the joist face the material is always going to be running in one direction. See images below.

Decking Material Choose.jpg Decking Material.jpg

There is a way to fix this. As you may be aware that PlusSpec is a SketchUp Plugin meaning that you can use SketchUp and PlusSpec together to complete your design or project.
The way to fix this issue for the moment is to use SketchUp manually to edit the boards, rotate them and push pull them but only do this once you are happy with your decking and won’t need to make any more changes.

To do this select the decking, once decking is selected triple click on the decking boards only so that they become highlighted like this.Highlighted decking boards.jpg

Once done select the SketchUp rotate tool and rotate the boards 90 degree on the blue axis.

You will now notice that the boards don’t fit onto the Joist, to fix this push pull each side face of the decking until it fits, see example belowPush Pull Decking.jpg

This may seem a little complicated at first but it will click and you’ll realise just how easy this is.

There will be a better fix for this in the close future.

I hope that I have helped you in fixing this and that you can benefit from this in the future. If anything wasn’t clear please feel free to contact me back and Ill explain it in more depth or more clarity. : )

Kind Regards