Hi there,

I have attached a Tutorial of another company that has a something like what we need in regards to the CUTTING LIST/BOM.

Is this something that exists within your software.

Hi Tyler,

The PlusDesignBuild takeoff will do most of what you’re looking for & there are several exports to choose from that will display the info differently.

If you would like to know more, I would recommend booking a demo so you can see everything that can be done in the software to meet your needs.

I only watched the first minute, but the Iron Cad video shows pre-made components that most likely have no bearing on what anyone else wants to draw or quantify or estimate. Maybe I should have watched for longer, or maybe you could add the time of the video you want us to watch… That would ave 19 minutes of watching boring old CAD software with pre-made components and estimates… :angry:
PlusDesignBuild enables you to draw and quantify each section of the drawing and create a BOQ; you can associate items and labour to your cut list and then create reports or schedules. The setting will save for next time, including the Price and subscontractor supplier associated with the drawing. More importantly, every time you change the size or alter the members PlusDesignBuilds estimate will show you the change visually at the same time as automatically updating the estimate.