Cut roofs & prefabricated roofs


I couldn’t see any info in the final 2015 release for creating cut or prefabricated roof plans, i.e. detail framing just like the timber framing for walls. Is this being looked at for future releases…?

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Hi Clayton,

Currently PlusSpec 2015 doesn’t have prefabricated roof plans but there or detailed roof framing. There are plans for it to be released in a later date but for now the best way to do this is to create your own truss and use the BIM tool.

Sorry about this guys but it is coming.

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Hi Clayton,

We will endeavor to post an in-depth video about this is the coming weeks.


I do full timber roofs by using floor joist tool & rotating joists to pitch of roof. I then copy one of the rafters & do plumb cuts bird mouth’s, then I multiply by numbers needed. Then I place them on a layer roof timber. Same procedure for ridge hips ect. This then gives me the take of quants & cost. Hope this helps


This is awesome to hear. Great work, this will definitely help other users.

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I have adopted a similar approach and have been using it since the very early pre-release versions except I based my roof components on “Frame Elements”. Back then it was limited to the “inbuilt” framing timber sizes but now with the create your own material tool I have an ever increasing library of rafters, purlins, beams (timber, LVL, and Glulam) all of which are “priced” and give accurate take offs with the “Take Off” tool.

Like most software tools users adapt and adopt to create “work arounds” to satisfy their needs.


Hi Zorro,

Thank you for your comment.

If any of you guys have any other strategies and work arounds we would love to hear them on other posts aswell :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

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