Customization Components

It would be really helpful if we could add and customize components in PlusSpec Component Tool. There really aren’t any items common in the US. I want to be able to add categories of information to items too.

It would also be helpful if we could create our own “types” of walls, windows, doors, ect., instead of only the types shown. I really like a lot of the tools so far, I just need more customization in order to successfully use it here in the US.


Good Day Dhet87,

Thanks for posting.

Adding and customising components within PlusSpec can be achieved by using the ‘BIM Tool’. This tool allows you to create your own unique components, and add information that will estimate and take-off with the rest of your model so that you are able to get a full estimate. To assist you, please access our video tutorial to get you started with the BIM Tool by clicking on the following link:

Could you please try this and let me know if this helps?

Thanks and have a great day.

Thanks for the reply. What I meant was adding window, door, and other SketchUp components to the PlusSpec tools. That way I can place a custom door or window the same way. The SketchUp way seems like an unreasonable method. Doors don’t snap to the floor/wall, and the hole’s don’t cut the wall.