Customising Components

Greetings PlusSpec Team

If I were to build the following deck with specified bearer and joist materials. E.g: We have 100 x 50 bearers and 50 x 50 joists

How do I go about customising specific ones?

For instance, around the perimetre of the house house, instead of using 100 x 50s bearers we use a 50 x 25 material and screw it into the walls. The rest of the bearers are 100 x 50

Is there a way to select specific bearers and change the materials / size quickly and will it reflect the changes in the take off.

Here is a link to the skp. … ~.skp?dl=0

Also, a feature that would be great to have is to automatically generate posts. The framing plan automatically generates the bearers and joists. But not the posts.

Hi Rubicabprojects,

To do this, you simply need to create a new joist/bearer type.

I would suggest that you view the following tutorial, as it should adequately explain the process: … mHmpL9yedP

Please let us know if you have any troubles with this (or, if this does not answer your query sufficiently).

Hi Drew,

No that isn’t good enough.

You can only choose one size of bearer / joist. I need to change some individual ones (that are near the wall) not the whole structure.

Hi Rubicabprojects,

If you need to select and change individual bearers/joists only, then you will have to do it manually. Ensure that you are in the group (keep double clicking until you can select each bearer/joist individually. You can then double click into the ones that you want to change, and then use the push and pull tool to free-form adjust them. Another way is that you could simply delete the ones that you want to change, and whilst still in the group, use the roof rafter tool > alternatives > rafter from points. This will ensure that they remain ‘parametric’ and select from custom ‘rafter sizes’.

We are looking to be able to change the perimeter structure separately in the future.