Custom Wall Type

Hi There
I am involved in Passivehouse Design where it is common to design walls & rooves that incorporate battened spaces [horizontal & vertical] both inside and out to create things like service cavities & rain screens. We also require internal & external membranes & ply or OBS sheathing that need to be detailed.
Some time ago I was told that it was in the pipeline, but I’m not sure how far off it is.
It would be a great tool to be able to create these custom multilayered walls & roof buildups where you can simply add as many layers as required & choose from various elements in addition to the common bricks/weatherboards etc. like wall wraps, sheathing, customorb sheeting etc.
Even the addition of customorb wall cladding which is pretty commonly used these days would be helpful.

Hi JamieX,

The batten tool is currently in Alpha testing, and we hope to include it in the next release. If not then, it should be the one after. This is the same with our Composite Materials. This tool will allow you to assign/add as many layers/products/materials, as you like. However, to ensure the model stays workable, these will not be shown with thicknesses at this stage.

We would love to add customorb, and we are speaking with several manufacturers from around the world. In the meantime, you can easily create your own materials/products using the Create Material tool.

We hope that you are as excited about these upcoming features as we are! As always, we appreciate your feedback.