Custom Roofs - making non standard roof a plusspec roof

When i create a non standard roof and try to make it a plusspec roof with similar materials and to be included in takeoff the eye dropper tool in paint bucket does not work. I have sketchup pro 2016.
Following the custom roofs tutorial;
select paint bucket and then eye dropper
click eye dropper (comes up as magnifying circle) on the plusspec roof and then click on the non standard roof.
All i get is the same colour as the pluspec roof but not the material. Also it does not make the non standard roof a plusspec roof and is not included in the takeoff.


If you are using a MAC this currently is not possible (from what I am aware of). The SketchUp Mac picker tool currently only picks up colours and not materials.

This is something that we here at PlusSpec do not have control over.

I could be wrong and if someone can please prove me wrong and show me how to select a material with the SketchUp Mac picker tool it would be greatly appreciated.
I am sorry to say but for now I cannot find a way pick a material with Mac.

Kind Regards