Curved Walls


Getting used to using Plusspec and very excited about working with it as it keeps getting developed. I am currently working using the system from the “The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture” and am stuck with this project because I cant use Plusspec due to the curved walls and client desire for a curved bifold. In this particular project its a cylinder. I have created a 24 sided wall using :wall-tool: but then its to hard to cut through 5 seperate wall groups to create the openings.

Is there a way, or a plan to have functionality for this in plusspec? Below is a screen shot of the very prelim model and a model I created to demonstrate the wall junction that VisualArq created in Rhino 4.0.

Im really looking forward to the roof tools coming out!!



Yeah I see what you mean with the openings, I’m part of the development team. This is definitely something we will look into, I can’t promise you a time-frame but we can have a play around and see what might be possible.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Question from a neophyte.
At lot of the structures I modeled in the past consisted of circular/cylindrical walls or basins and sloping channels which were constructed via poured concrete. Is there a way in PlusSpec to classify these structures with BIM parameters so that rough/preliminary cost estimates can be done?


Just checking in again about this feature. I have been using PlusSpec and love it, we just have two jobs where the possibility of curved walls is high. Im a bit reluctant to change back to Rhino/Visual Arq just for curved walls, just wondering if you have made any progress on this?



Hi Coconstruct,

Unfortunately, we have not been able to get to curved walls yet. My suggestion would be to draw your curved walls using the native SketchUp tools (draw your curved wall with thickness, group it, and then push and pull for height, etc), This will mean that it is not parametric and that you will need to manually cut the holes for the doors and windows. It is a manual process, but it is very, very easy - and would save you from having to go into Rhino, etc (and they will still be picked up in your Take-Off, if you are using that feature)!