Creating GLOBAL building material "types"

I had an idea to help streamline the process of changing materials throughout a project. For example, if you drew a house and needed to change the siding material, you’d have to go into each individual wall and update the siding manually. (Or, if the walls are identical, you could multiple select and update it at once, but most of the time you have a couple gable walls and some standard walls which would make this more complicated)

What if, in each project you create a “schedule” of materials as you go along? So instead of assigning a wall to “Hardiplank siding”, you’d assign it to “Siding type 1”, which is defined to be Hardiplank siding in a separate job configuration window. Draw your entire house. Then, if you need to change the siding on the entire house, open up a window and reassign “Siding type 1” to be red cedar shingles. All of the walls that have “Siding type 1” assigned to it update to red cedar shingles.

You could make it so you have the same interface as you do now, so the first wall you create you just select the materials you want. But when you create the wall, save those material selections as global variables so that next time you create a wall, you can select the newly defined global variable “siding type 1”, “insulation type 1”, etc.

Hi MasterSkethup,

This is a good idea and could really help PlusSpec users. Ill mention this to the developers and discuss their opinions on it and will get back to you on this.

I can understand where you are coming from about the gable walls, difference in wall height and step downs etc… and it can put the whole job out just by wanting to change an external colour or material.