creating a wall type CANT drag into box

I have finally created a new wall material :smiley:
BUT cannot manage to drag it into the wall tool material box as requested, cant even drag materials already within the find a material page, to this tool box
frustrating :cry:
can anyone assist here.
regards karite

Hi Karite,

That is good to hear :slight_smile:

Are you using a MAC or Windows?

With MAC there is a different way to do this. We will be creating a tutorial shortly.

Please get back to me with an answer and more information and we will get this resolved :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

hi dean
no, iā€™m using windows and still having issues - cant drag a thing into the appropriate box, when trying to customize a wall.
still frustrated

regards karite

Hi Karite,

Have you managed to resolve the problem? If not, I would suggest pressing the sync button. Once it has successfully synced try dragging and dropping your custom material again.

I will try that now!
when do I press the sync button?
how do I know if the sync was successful?

  • could you give me a technical answer to my Query on Lintels Vā€™s Timbers - it would be much appreciated, its in suggestions march 27th

hi drew

just tried the sync method, I sync-ed before, during and after!!!
still wont do it,
everytime I attempt to get a material from the public folder and the manage/karate folder, the curser instantly went black circle with a black diagonal (sometimes if I double click on the square material, it changes to the rectangular images of original texture and custom made texture - same result! - the curser instantly went black circle with a black diagonal.

Iā€™m max frustrated!
the tutorials do it well, you can do it with your mouse on your hip!
regards karite

Hi Karite,

I will bring it to the attention of our developers immediately. Apologies for any frustration!

hi drew
how are the developers going related to the inability of the program OR me not being able to darg the new material or the public folder material into the box?

a still frustrated karate!

Hi Garry,

I am aware that this issue is now all sorted after you have attended the training day.

Kind Regards