Create a roof window

Hello to all;

I would like to know how to create roof windows on pluspec

Thank you :slight_smile:

It can be done. Copy the face you want to add a window to. Then right-click the roof and select delete face. Then choose edit paste in place. I use the joist tool to re-add the face and I use the same roofing material in place of the floor. YOu can then add a void to the floor where you can add a dormer window or any components you get even from the 3D warehouse.
Tip 1 use the BIM tool so you get an estimate if you create your own component at the same time
Tip 2 Use the Sloping/Skillion roof to create the dormer roof and then draw your walls in the right location. Select the raking walls and one Skillion roof and then right-click and select extend the roof to walls.