crashes and lagging on mac

Hi there,

I have already talked about this problem some, but it has been a real nuisance. I guess I just want it seen on this board as I don’t elsewhere. It was all working fine before PlusSpec. I thought I’d try PlusSpec (which for a small operator is pretty expensive). While editing doors or windows it would all start to crawl along to the point of being useless. Restarting would help, for awhile. I was advised to upgrade my operating system, which is no small situation as it can affect everything.

I am running SketchUp 2015, granted a little behind, but it was doing everything it needed to, and was told Plus Spec is compatible. Now while using PlusSpec it crashes a lot. Layout also crashes a lot doing small text edits and simple matters. Very annoying and time consuming. The editing windows and doors issue has not been resolved, it still lags as soon as I edit one…

It is possible that if I upgrade Sketchup (for another $500) that may fix things, but I haven’t seen the return to make that easy to swallow.

Again, PlusSpec has been interesting, and it does some things well, but there are still plenty of problems that make the expense seem rather hefty. I’m just making sure that people can see that.

Would like to see it working,


In the old versions of Sketchup we had to deal with outdated Ruby, unfortunately, we can not change old versions of Sketchup However Sketchup 17 is fast. We continue to develop with speed and agility in mind. I understand that things are tough so a workaround would be split the external wall when you get more than 2 windows. This will free up some ram when adding windows as PlusSpec remembers everything in one wall and on slower, older computers you may find some lag. I hope this helps. It is our goals to make the best and most efficient software for our industry and your comments help us achieve this goal. I am not sure if this helps you may have to read the Sketchup End user license agreement, however, I assume because you are a pro user you might be able to use Sketchup make 17 and then back save to your old version of Sketchup pro so you can do your 2d drawings in Layout. Anyone else done this? For those of you who do not know you can aback save to earlier versions of Sketchup.

BTW Dawson,one of the biggest things that will slow down Sketchup and or PlusSpec is having the outliner running whilst drawing. Make sure it is not on, it is powerful buy very draining.

HI Andrew,

I posted again about this here

I did get sketchup Make 2017 (with the 30 day trial, which has now expired). Layout works much smoother (though now I will have to buy to enjoy that again) but modeling in Sketchup still starts to lag after editing 1 window or door.

I’ve got a pretty decent computer I would say. I am running Sierra, and a clean version of make 2017. I don’t know how current or suped up it needs to be to be able to handle a basic house with standard windows. I never have Outliner open.

Am I the only one having this issue? The file size remains pretty small. I just am not getting why this should be so. I hope someone can help!