Crash then loss of items on page

Hi, I lost every thing on the page i was working on, I was drawing using the line tool creating a complex slab and then i was adding the slab tool to the drawing when everything disaped. i cant get back any of the project when i re open the recovered file it is a blank page. In outliner it is showing that all the walls are still there with the eye icon but nothing is visual on the page. Any help would be great

Hi, thank you for reporting this to us. For our team to further investigate, I’ve sent you a message asking for additional information.

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Sketchup has a automatic backup file (.SKB) and it backs up according to the number of minutes you have allocated in the settings. By default i think it is 5 minutes. This is a double edge sword as it takes processing power to backup, which can cause a crash if you run a processor hungry tool at the same time. It’s likely your computer ran out of memory and the result was a crash. I’m not sure why you can’t see the walls when you reopened the file though. Can you upload the file here or save it to a drive and share the link?
Personally always use ctrlS to save my models when i reach a milestone and i actually increase the automatic backup time to 30 minutes to reduce the likelihood of backing up whilst creating complex geometry.
Your skb should be saved in the same location as the file itself. If you change the file extension from .skb to .skp, you can open it with SketchUp.