Converting Existing Archicad Plan to Plusspec

What is currently the best method of converting and existing plan drawn in Archicad (Latest Version) to Plusspec.

I know you can import as a 3d model in IFC however it can not be manipulated in Plusspec.


It is not possible to manipulate an IFC imported model with PlusSpec.

What you can do is import the IFC model, Once the IFC model is imported it will come in as either a component or group. Trace around the whole model (this will not take long as all your doing is pressing point to point and generating roofs or flooring). Once walls, roofs and floors have been traced over than go and trace over your windows and doors. Once all that is completed than delete the IFC model and you will have your PlusSpec Model ready for estimating and manipulation.

The other way to do it is to import as a 2D DWG. Once imported it will come in as a 2D plan. Then just trace from point to point and add your windows, doors, roofs and floors.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards