Construction timber materials missing

Hi there,

Possible missing data?

Timber selection is red and having trouble inserting doors, windows and staircases. Any ideas?


Hi Bambooing,

It sounds to me that you need to sync your materials. Use the Sync Tool and the next time you try inserting a window, door, etc it should work fine.

Would you be able to let me know if this fixes the issue you are having?

Hi Grant, I cant remember how I ended up resolving it, but it did some update of sorts and now works a treat. Ie. I recall a window popped up and there were many question mark boxes that eventually all got turned to green.

Hi Bambooing,

That’s good to hear. The question marks appear when you’re using the Sync Tool so it appears that that fixed the issue.

The Sync tool was the answer. :slight_smile: Remember to click it regularly as we are adding a lot of content that will help you deliver more to your clients.

Note when you start Sketchup you will notice the PlusSpec dialogue comes up first. There is some useful information that is a big help on this page, that is why we made it a mandatory close down. The two main buttons are for sync and updates. Keep your eye out for the next update as it is a beauty.