I am in the US. The steel shapes in the Components Tool are metric. Why aren’t they imperial for US market?
How do I replace what is in the Component Tool drop down list of steel shapes with US shapes?
Why does the Component Tool say BETA?

Hi cpidutti,

Thank you for your post.

In the next version of PlusSpec there will be a tool which will allow you to place and specify steel beams with sizes from the US and also give you the ability to create your own sizes. What I would recommend to do in the interim is to either download steel beams from the 3D Warehouse or to draw the beams using SketchUp tools and use the PlusSpec BIM Tool to add the information to the beam.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

The reason states BETA at the top as it was the first release of that tool and he hadn’t changed it. It will be changed in the next version.