Components Reset

Good day,

I’ve encountered a problem with using the kitchen cupboard components. I used the ‘drop to wall’ option for all the cupboards in my model, adjusted the sizes and other data I can customize. However when I moved the wall using the ‘push-pull’ option, the components seem to have reset to their original sizes or to a previous configuration I made. Am I using the tools wrong? Is there a way to maintain the changes I made after I move a wall?

Thank you :smiley:


What version of PlusSpec are you currently running? The components should be maintaining their sizes once a wall is push-pulled. The components will reset to there original position, Eg if you placed a component on the left side of the wall and then manually moved it to the right side, when you push-pulled the wall, the component will reset back to the left side of the wall. However any component option changes you have made will still be the same.

If you could please send a screen capture or explain the process that you are taking, I will be able to help you out and get this working for you.

Kind Regards