Component units

Is there any way to change the unit type for component editing? For example, we are running the imperial unit version and while a majority of the inputs are correct, it seems while editing dynamic components, they hold on to metric units. After inserting kitchen cabinets and opening up the options dialogue its default measurements are in MM. I can type in inches manually and it does the conversion but it would be nice to visually see the measurements in inches afterwards. Any way to change these settings? Thanks.

Hi johnken,

Thank you for your post and my apologies in the delayed response.

The dialog units can be set via the ‘Dialog Units’ field in the Settings Tool (go to Extensions > PlusSpec > Settings). If you change the field value to ‘in’ then all dialog units will be inches, however, if the field value is ‘use model default’ then change the units inside the ‘Units’ section of the SketchUp Model Info dialog (go to Window > Model Info and select Units from the menu on the left). All dialog units should then display in inches and if you change the value (e.g. to 16") then that value will be retained when the dialog is reopened.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?