Compatibility between design platforms

Hi. I am a student in my final year and trying to decide on which design software I should focus on when complete.

My intension, if possible, is to work with an experience building designer part-time and work for myself the rest of the time.

During my studies we were taught Vectorworks and Revit. I have been offered two jobs lately, both requiring me to use ArchiCAD. Unfortunately I had to turn both jobs down.

My question here is, could PlusSpec be the answer to such software incompatibility issues? I know this is a fair open question and perhaps we don’t know yet, so let me be a little more specific.

Does exporting as an .IFC allow seamless opening of files with other major software? If so, how does a conversion manage component objects? Will all documentation remain in tact?

The purposed of this question is to determine if I can comfortable agree to take on jobs despite the software of choice by the company offering, simply by using PlusSpec with the confidence that it can accurately convert a file to other major design software formats, without any loss of data. The file of course would need to convert back to PlusSpec with the same accuracy.

Can PlusSpec deliver in this aspect? If not, is it likely to in the near future?

Hi Student,

Although PlusSpec/SketchUp can be integrated into other workflows, it is not an ideal design solution. The fact is that when you export/import (even with IFC), you create static objects, which are no longer editable or parametric. You can use IFC to communicate across platforms and with consultants - as much of their information is static in nature anyway (only they can edit - and most firms will just provide you with updates - not a ‘live’ document). With IFC your information should remain in tact. However, it is important to understand that with IFC there are two points of possible error creation - when the IFC is exported, and when it is imported.

Simple answer: If it is merely about communication across platforms with consultants - you can integrate PlusSpec and other software very successfully (with careful management).

In answer to your question about the future of IFC interoperability: This is less about the progression of PlusSpec (or any other software) and more about the progression of IFC. It is not something that we can answer at this point in time.

I have a question along similar lines. I am an architect using AutoCAD LT and wanting to move to a BIM solution. Typically structural engineers request base plans in ACAD format. - how will be able to export drawings to them that they will be able to utilise in ACAD?


SketchUp Pro allows you to export your models to a dwg format + many more so this isn’t a problem. You can also send your model over to your engineer and he can look at the design in 3D.

Kind Regards