Combination or Split Pitch Roof

Here in Hawaii we often build projects with what we call a split pitch roof–for instance eaves are 4:12 and balance of roof is 6:12.(see image below) Do you have a tutorial that addresses this? If not perhaps some direction on how to accomplish this with standard framed and trussed roofs.

Hi RSWeir,

Thank you for your post.

Here is a tutorial that may help you out.

If the tutorial doesn’t help, what I would recommend to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Draw the roof using the steeper pitch and correct eave overhang.
  2. Go into the base geometry of the roof (keep double clicking on the roof till the faces have a blue dotted hatching) and draw where the roof is to be split.
  3. Select the outside face(s) of the roof (where the fascia is) and drag the lines up to the correct pitch of the lower pitch (to get the correct pitch you will first need to use the SketchUp Protractor Tool from the split and enter the angle/pitch).
  4. Move the fascia, gutter and eave to line back up with the lower roof pitch.

Please note: Only manually edit the roof once you’re happy with the materials of the roof and don’t need to edit it using the PlusSpec Tools again as it will remove all manual changes to the roof.

The next version of PlusSpec (which should be available in the near future) has a lot of changes to the Roof Tools and will allow you to do split roof pitches along with other roof types and changes.