Colors don't show

I created a tiled wall texture (zip wall panel) with the material color. It is named and has a thickness. The colored image shows up in the Material, Finishes, & Selection area, but when I create a wall
with the material, it does not show in the material color. I see the material, but it is white with the ZIP logo in black letters. Tutorials I looked at show creating a brick pattern and when a wall was created using it, the brick was in color. I couldn’t find any discussion in the Forum or tutorials on why the image I created doesn’t show up in color.

Hi cpidutti,

Thank you for your post.

I believe the reason this is happening is because when you went to create the material the material you had selected in the material field was a colour image and not a texture image. When you create materials you need to have a texture image (and not a colour image) material selected when the ‘Create Material’ button is pressed otherwise you will get the issue you’re getting.

Does the issue still occurs when you create the material from a texture image material?

If the issue still occurs go to the In Model section (click the home icon) of the SketchUp Paint Bucket and select the created material, then select the Edit tab and click ‘Reset Colour’ and the material should correct itself for that model.

Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issue you’re having?

If I select a brick from the Materials, Selections, & Finishes and use it to create a new material, my new material is created with the texture and color. All is good.
However, I am adding a plywood exterior wall sheathing with a texture and color. The only choices available in the category I want to create the material in are smooth with
no textures or colors (white). I reviewed a tutorial about a similar issue. Since I am creating a textured material, I need to start with a textured image. If it is black and white, all I will get is
a new material that is black and white - the texture, but no color. I can’t drop my material created from the previous brick texture into an area that is composed of white, smooth materials.
As you mentioned, I can paint the material once it is created, but I will need to do this every time I use the wall material - which defeats the purpose of being able to create and save
a wall texture without the need to complicate the process further.

Hi cpidutti,

Thank you for bring this to our attention. I have taken this issue back to the development team for further discussion.

At the moment what I would recommend to do for material fields that only have solid colours is to reset the colour in the Paint Bucket when you use the material in the model.

I’d be happy to assist you if you have any further enquiries.