Colorbond Colours should be default options

Is it possible we can get all the colorbond colours as a default options in areas such as when choosing wall colours, roof colours and window/door colours? Some of the roof colours currently don’t look like they match what you expect the colour to appear in person.

If you reach out to Colorbond we can certainly add them. All of their colour names are subject to copyright so without their permission we cant actually add them. … Go figure, it would help them sell more products over their competitors…
Just so you know you can easily google the RGB of the Colorbond colour and you can change it in the material editor. If you are using PlusDesignBuild you can also update the name and it will automatically rename the item in the takeoff, export etc.
Are you using PlusSpec pro or PlusDesignBuild Natpjs?

Using plusspec pro. I just find the system for making new colour/materials frustrating