Cloisons de 7 et 10

Bonjour a vous, Je debute avec Plusspec et je rencontre deja un probleme. Comment faire pour creer des cloisons separative de 7cm ou 10 cm au norme francais.

Definitely I need assistance with the internal walls creation.

For example : I created an internal wall with a 13mm (Gyprock CD Plasterboard) on both sides (French internal walls), choose a color (all the set up are fine) and when I submit, nothing is happening. That is bothering me these past 2 days. Can you tell me if you have a set up for the internal walls that i can use or a tutorial or a webminary for that matter.

Hi Kimparis,

Thanks for your post.

First make sure you have watched the beginner’s tutorial on how to use the wall tool, see video here:

Second, make sure you have your material library synced as per the below steps:

  1. Head to the Job tool :job-tool:
  2. Scroll down to settings and click Set
  3. Select United States from the Material Library Drop Down
  4. Click Submit

Here is a video on how to sync your material library:

The double check there are no red fields in the dialogs preventing your from clicking submit and drawing the wall.

Let me know how you go!

Kind Regards,